Wiesenhof Spielwelt Play Area

Meadow, Lake, Mountain, Forest, Farm

In the play area Wiesenhof Spielwelt, these five subjects represent the history of the Wiesenhof and its beautiful setting. In our new unique play area we want to encourage children to connect with nature and to experience the beauty and diversity of the flora and fauna.

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No plastic and mass-produced products: Our exceptional play area features a range of toys which have been produced sustainably and with elaborate and traditional craftsmanship. Our aim is to encourage the children’s creativity and appreciation of nature.

The cheerful chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees in a flower meadow, curious animal sounds in the forest and soothing sounds from nature accompany the children while they play and enhance their senses for the beauty of the natural world.

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How do forests and flower meadows smell? In the quiet zone, the children discover relaxing combinations of scents from nature. The Wiesenhof children experience all these impressions in the themed areas of our play area.

No matter how brave, adventurous, artistic, active, horse-crazy or inquisitive your children are, every child will find their personal play highlight.

Making of the Spielwelt

Our three sheep Lola, Flocke and Wolke have documented the making of the new Wiesenhof Spielwelt.

Discover the Spielwelt

Join our three sheep Lola, Flocke and Wolke on a tour of discovery of the new Wiesenhof Spielwelt!

Spielwelt Photo Gallery

Our new Spielwelt gives children plenty of space to develop imagination and creativity through play.

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The Spielwelt also features a small, yet sophisticated library. A brilliant book of inspiration for handicrafts shows the diversity of options for creating works of art with materials collected outdoors in nature.

Children can relax watching films on our cosy sofa surrounded by cushions and stuffed animals from the tree house. The beautifully designed rooms in our new play area give your children plenty of space to develop imagination and creativity through play.

We wish you and your family relaxed and memorable holidays at the Wiesenhof!

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