The Wiesenhof Spielwelt

Dear WIESENHOF children! Our three sheep Lola, Wolke and Flocke invite you to explore the new play area SPIELWELT!

spielwelt,hotel achensee,play area


Lola, the mother sheep, can hardly believe her luck: A small house with a kitchen and many wooden bowls filled with all kinds of exquisite fruit and vegetables, freshly laid (wooden) eggs and everything needed to prepare a delicious meal are ready and waiting in the farmhouse.

“This is where I’ll cook for Flocke and Wolke and serve the meal ceremoniously on the mouses’ furniture!”, Lola rejoices, puts on her apron, dons her chef’s hat and begins preparing a feast to inaugurate the farm! Meanwhile, Flocke hides in the tent, inhaling a subtle scent of fresh hay and inspecting the beautiful wooden toys: A farm with animals, vehicles and lots of wooden building blocks.

spielwelt,hotel achensee,play area


Huge felt pebbles – for climbing, sitting and building rock cairns – represent the beautiful beach of Lake Achensee. Our three sheep climb into the bunk through the large opening, similar to a porthole. Wolke explores the bunk: “What a nice and cosy retreat, equipped with mattresses and pillows!”

There are great books with CDs: The ballet “Swan Lake” after Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky or “The Moldau”, a symphonic poem by Friedrich Smetana are beautifully illustrated and narrated. The sheep are enchanted by the illustrations while they listen to the story and the wonderful sounds of the orchestra keep them spellbound.

Opposite the bunk is an opening in the wall. It serves as a seat for reading; below it is a tunnel which looks like a mouse cave for crawling through from the lake into the meadow… Wolke and Flake crawl through and suddenly find themselves on the meadow.

spielwelt,hotel achensee,play area


A colourful world of flowers on the wall, the wonderful fragrance of grass, the chirping of crickets and the warbling of birds delight us in the meadow.

At the big round painting table with its mouse chairs we let our creativity flow and paint beautiful pictures. Wonderful wooden nature and animal puzzles are waiting. While playing, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about local plants and animals.

Wooden building blocks as a patience game or the beaver game for pulling logs guarantee lots of fun. Betsy, the big play horse, lives in the meadow – you can stroke, ride and feed her.

spielwelt,hotel achensee,play area


The wonderful fragrance of the forest wafts into our noses … accompanied by the singing of the birds, we discover the new highlights:

Bow & arrow shooting in the forest – what fun!

Flocke and Wolke practice shooting and just missed the 10!

The toy car, a beautiful Bentley, is tested – equipped with leather bonnet and goggles, Wolke drives proudly and gracefully through the new SPIELWELT.

Mushroom picking in the forest, climbing the raised hide and learning a lot about the denizens of the forest.

spielwelt,hotel achensee,play area


Wow, it’s high up here – Wolke bravely climbs up the rungs, never losing sight of the goal!

We leave the bouldering wall opposite and the rung ladder on the ceiling to you WIESENHOF kids to conquer.

Build a big “mountain obstacle course” over wobble boards and tunnels – with a great play street, racing cars and lots of space, there are no limits to your imagination.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SPIELWELT!

Your friends Lola, Flocke and Wolke