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Fun for young equestrian enthusiasts

Wiesenhof Pony Camp

Do you have a child that is crazy about ponies and wants to learn how to ride? If the answer is yes, then our Wiesenhof pony camp is just perfect for you! The Wiesenhof pony camp occurs weekly during the summer season 2021 in our own riding stables. Please send us your inquiry for your preferred dates.

Children between the ages of 6 to 14 years will spend fun-filled days learning to ride and care for their pony under the guidance and supervision of Alexandra Entner, who is a qualified riding instructor. We start with becoming familiar with ponies and building confidence. In our varied programme there is lots to learn about horses in a playful way. Easy riding lessons are suitable even for children who previously had little or no contact with horses.

Riding horses is great physical exercise and fun. It gets kids outdoors in the fresh air and lets them connect with nature. Horse riding is also good for improving coordination and balancing skills. Riding helps children to reduce stress and provides a feeling of happiness and well-being. Children also learn to take on responsibility. Taking care of horses teaches children to care for others. Riding in groups is also valuable for improving social skills.


  • 3 days – 4 hours each, including midday snack for the children.
  • After you have enjoyed breakfast we look forward to welcoming the children at our riding stable.
  • In the mornings there will be riding lessons and time for a cuddle session.
  • After the lunch snack the children’s programme will continue. In our “pony room” the children will learn everything about horses and ponies and will do some craft exercises.
  • Excursions into the surrounding nature park round off the experience.


  • Learn how to handle horses and ponies
  • Riding lessons depending on ability and interest of the children
  • Horse care basics (saddle care, grooming)
  • Fun and exercising outdoors in nature with horses and ponies


3 days pony camp
Price per child € 260
incl. midday snack, excl. accommodation

Pony riding
20 min€ 45
Geführtes Reiten/
Guided rides
20 min€ 45
20 min€ 48
1 Person20 min€ 48
2 Personen/
30 min€ 45
3 Personen/
40 min€ 45
4 Personen/
50 min€ 45
5 Personen/
60 min€ 45
55 min€ 55
90 min€ 90
Ausritt privat/
Private hack
55 min€ 95
Ausritt privat/
Private hack
90 min€ 155
10er Block/
Block of 10
Achtung: nur 1 Jahr gültig/
Valid for 1 year
€ 420
Ponycamp€ 260
Rental fee
Riding hat
€ 5
Rental fee
Safety vest
€ 5
Horse carriage ride
60 min€ 135 für 2 Personen/
for 2 persons
jede weitere Person/
each additional person
+ € 25
Kinder 3-12 Jahre/
Children 3-12 years
+ € 10
*) Angegebene Preise gültig für Wiesenhof Gäste. Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten.
*) Prices are valid for guests staying at Hotel Wiesenhof. Errors and omissions excepted.

Riding lessons & hacks

Accompanied rides & riding lessons tailored to adult riders and children.

Pony camp for young riders

Children learn how to handle ponies in a safe and fun environment.

Horse carriage & sleigh rides

A classically romantic way to experience the surroundings.