E-Mobility at the Wiesenhof

Tesla Zoom1

Tesla S

With the Tesla S the Wiesenhof offers you a completely new dimension of e-mobility: selected as the car of the year 2013, 0 emissions, 4,4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and 502 kilometers range.

Wiesenhof Elektromobil Tin Lizzy

E-Cart “Tin Lizzy”

The Ford Model T was once the best-selling car in the world. At the Wiesenhof you can hire eco-friendly e-carts which are inspired by the design of the “Tin Lizzy”.

MOVELO E-Bike Elektrofahrad Verleih Achensee Tirol

Modern E-Bikes

The Wiesenhof offers state-of-the-art electric bikes to hire. Supported by an electric motor you can explore the region without effort. The batteries last approx. 100 km so you can easily plan an extensive tour.

Tirol Segway Trekking Achensee


The Segway® Human Transporter (HT) is the world’s first self-balancing, zero emissions personal transportation vehicle. Due to the simple and intuitive handling only a short instuction is necessary before you can mount the Segway. More information & tours


 Verleihpreis €
Rental price €
Tesla S pro Tag
Tesla S per day
E-Car 2-Sitzer pro Std.
E-Cart 2 seats per hour
E-Car 4-Sitzer pro Std.
E-Cart 4 seats per hour
Segway pro Std.
Segway per hour
Comfort E-Bike pro Tag
Comfort E-Bike per day
Mountain E-Bike pro Tag
Mountain E-Bike per day

Prices valid only for Wiesenhof guests.