The heat of the floating bed intensifies the impact of the goat butter with highly effective oils. The active ingredients are quickly transported into the deeper layers of tissue and fully develop their skin firming effect.

30 minutes |€ 46

The pectins of the apple have a firming effect on the skin tissue. Goat butter nurtures your skin and the scent of green apples will leave you daydreaming.

30 minutes | € 46

A very gentle body peeling using valuable nutrients and bioactive substances of pure bee honey.

20 minutes | € 46,-

Evening primrose oil stimulates the metabolism and has positive effects on neurodermatitis, dry skin and hormonally induced complaints.

30 minutes | € 46

With salt from Hall, the city which is famous for salt mining, dead skin cells are thoroughly removed. Due to the high amount of lemon oil the peeling is highly moisturizing and supplies the skin with essential nourishing ingredients.

30 minutes | € 46

Especially recommended to treat chronic rheumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system and back problems.

20 minutes | € 35
additional compress € 7

Steam-heated prior to the treatment, the hay induces sweating, which promotes detoxification and stimulates the metabolism.

30 minutes | € 53