Saunas & steam baths

The use of all saunas and steam baths is included in the room price. Saunas and steam baths are open daily from 11.00h to 19.00h. On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays the saunas are open until 22.00h.


Alpine Herbal Steam Sauna

A combination of thermal heat and exquisite herbs of the Karwendel. The temperature is approx. 60°C. In the middle there is an arrangement of herbs. We use chamomile (relaxing, anticonvulsant), sage (purifying, anti-septical) and lavendar (cell recreative, purifying). The automatic spraying of the herbs with water creates a pleasant flavour and increases the air humidity.
Bathing time: 10 – 20 minutes


Saline Steam Sauna

The temperature is approx. 50°C, air humidity approx. 80%. Hall (formerly Solbad Hall), a town close to Innsbruck, has a long tradition in salt-mining in the Karwendel mountains. In our saline steam sauna finely dispersed brine is sprayed in the booth. The brine and steam technique combined with the thermal heat create a purifying and healing process of the respiratory system. We use mint essences to enhance the pleasant steam bath.
Bathing time: 10 – 20 minutes


Soft Sauna “Schwitzstube”

If the traditional Finnish Sauna is too hot for you – try our Schwitzstube. The walls, benches, floor and foot rest are heated and create an indirect thermal heat up to 75°C. By slowly heating your body the purifying process will set in very gently. After 20 min. we recommend showering with the Kneipp hose in direction of the heart. The cardiovascular system is stimulated and the purifying process is enhanced – after another 20 min. repeat the showering with the Kneipp hose. After the bath take a warm shower.
Bathing time: 30 – 60 minutes


Beehive Sauna

The temperature is approx. 85°C. As the name suggests the sauna used to be a beehive. We have rebuilt the house to a traditional Finnish Sauna which offers a lot of space. Windows, floor, sauna oven, wooden benches – the honeycomb forms remind you of its original purpose. And maybe, if you are really quiet and listen closely you might still hear the hum of the bees…
Bathing time: 10 – 15 minutes



After the sauna

Vitalizing Showers

The vitalizing showers offer a variety of attractions, like spraying fog with mint essences, rain shower, side shower, and five more programmes.

Foot spa

Take a seat in the alcove, choose if you would like the basin to fill with warm or cold water. Then the foot reflex massage begins. After a few minutes the basin will be emptied automatically. If you would like to add vitalizing bath essences please ask our staff at the spa reception.


Relaxation Rooms and Tepidarium


Panorama relaxation room “Sonnenhalle”

The perfect place to read a book or a magazine, or just to relax after sauna or swimming. The westside windows can be closed with sunscreens, the switches are right beneath the windows. Enjoy the picturesque panorama of the Alpine Park Karwendel.


Heated relaxation beds

A part of the sauna relaxation area offers heated relaxation beds. At a temperature of 39°C the immune system gets stimulated and enhanced.


Achensee grotto

Our meditation room Achensee Grotto is located within our Relaxation Area “Sonnenhalle”. Enjoy the soft thermal heat in the cushioned benches, the pleasant fragrances and get enchanted by the effects of the water drops which are projected to the ceiling by the mirror in the fountain.