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Sothys facials

The Wiesenhof SPA uses SOTHYS beauty products for their high level of effectiveness as well as innovative institute treatments. SOTHYS facials provide results that are visible immediately. Depending on your individual needs, the treatments will leave your skin smooth, moisturized or purified.

  • Wiesenhof BERGMADL – mountain girl

    This is the classical facial treatment including: in-depth cleansing of the skin, exfoliation, facial massage, special mask and finishing care.

    Duration: 50 min.

    Price: EUR 69,00

  • Wiesenhof BERGQUELLE – mountain spring

    This treatment is an innovative concept for the regeneration of skin moisture and includes exfoliation, in-depth cleansing, facial-décolleté massage, ampoule, special mask and finishing care.

    Duration: 80 min.

    Price: EUR 95,00

  • Wiesenhof BERGKRISTALL – mountain crystal

    A soothing facial treatment for any kind of sensitive skin – whether by nature or temporarily irritated. Cleansing, cleansing mask, ultra-soft express serum, ultra-soft massage cream, skin soothing moisturizing mask, massage with cooling ceramic spoons, soft facial cream or silky smooth fluid.

    Duration: 50 min.

    Price: EUR 69,00

  • Wiesenhof BERGFRISCHE – mountain freshness

    A treatment individually defined for your skin. Skin analyis, cleansing of your skin and exfoliation, in-depth cleansing, ingredient ampoule, facial-décolleté massage, individual mask and finishing care.

    Duration: 80 min.

    Price: EUR 95,00

  • Wiesenhof – clear eyes

    The eyes are the windows of the soul…

    This intensive treatment specifically concentrates on the delicate eye area. The therapist uses valuable water lily extract which is suitable for sensitive skin. The perfect treatment to reduce puffiness, eye bags and small wrinkles.

    Duration: 30 min.

    Price: EUR 45,00

  • Wiesenhof BERGBUA – mountain boy

    A treatment optimally coordinated to the needs of man’s skin with special ingredients. Enjoy the vitalizing and stress reducing facial, head and neck massage. Pervading, hydrogenating and wrinkle-reducing products stimualte and purify your skin.

    Duration: 50 min.

    EUR: 69,00

  • Facial measurement

    We measure the shape of your face, your facial zones, the distance between your eyes, the arch of your brow, the shape of your eyelids and the starting point for blusher application. Includes eyebrow shaping and make-up that flatters your type.

    Duration: 85 minutes

    EUR 75,00


Make up

  • Day make up

    Individual make-up for a relaxed day

    Duration: 20 minutes

    EUR 25,00

  • Evening make up

    The perfect make-up for a promising evening

    Duration: 30 minutes

    EUR 35,00

  • Bride make up

    Customised make-up for the most wonderful day of your life

    Duration: 55 minutes

    EUR 60,00


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